Wow, what an incredible experience. The office was pristine and the treatment was profound. I walked out of there more relaxed with a clearer head and Joanna was professional and quite thorough in her assessment. I've experienced hundreds of acupuncture treatments in the last 10 years, all I can say is this treatment ranked among the top. Thanks Montoya Medicine!!!! -Zack P.
I walked into Montoya Medicine a few months ago as a last resort for some chronic foot issues. Joanna promptly greeted me and invited me into her office for our consult before the treatment. We went over so much medical history and details that I assumed would go on paper and then be forgotten. Not the case. Everything I've mentioned seems to get stored away in that head of hers and pulled out later hen she's working on me. Even though I initially started seeing her for my foot, after hearing that I have suffered from chronic migraines and headaches for years she decided to focus on those as well.  I never even thought about dealing with those because I've gotten so used to waiting them out. Well I'm delighted to say that after about my 3rd visit I haven't had a migraine and the headaches I have had were due to me forgetting to eat. Since starting treatment with Joanna I sleep better at night. I used to have insomnia and also would grind my teeth and wake up with a sore jaw. Those days are gone as well. I could go on and on praising the miracles Joanna has accomplished with my body and healing but I'd be here all day. Plain and simple, SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT! Your mind body and soul will thank you later. -Antonio M.

I have been going to Montoya Medicine for several months now for acupuncture treatments for women's health concerns, orthopedic injuries and general wellness.  Joanna is extremely knowledgable, takes time to listen to my concerns and thoroughly answers any questions I have about my healthcare.  Also, Joanna is great at bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine.  On top of her amazing treatments, the office is beautiful and in a great location.  I always feel great and very relaxed following her treatments. I have seen positive changes in my body and will continue to see Joanna for acupuncture. If you've been considering acupuncture, you should see her! -Sara H.


When I met JoAnna for the first time, her warm and friendly personality immediately made me comfortable and I began to ask her to specific questions related to my health needs. She was extremely knowledgeable and had the experience that ultimately helped me make the decision to begin treatment...and WOW was I surprised! JoAnna has an ability to understand a patient's needs from a whole body perspective. Though I initially went to see her for a specific health issue, ultimately she helped me in more ways than I even anticipated. JoAnna is truly gifted as a healer and simply a joy to be around. I would wholeheartedly recommend JoAnna to any one of my friends or family. -Kim K.


My first ever acupuncture session was at Montoya Medicine. It was amazing!! I was always afraid to try acupuncture because I am scared of being poked with needles and thought it would hurt. JoAnna, was very nice. She had a consult with me first to find out my problem areas and walk me through the process as well as what I can do after the session to help ease pain in my problem areas. During the session I was definitely at ease, I have never been so relaxed. I get a lot of massages and have only experienced a zen like this one other time. The calmness and relaxed feeling lasted well into the night and I slept like baby. Now I am afraid to try other acupuncturist because Montoya Medicine treated me so well. I guess I will just have to come back for more sessions.  -Ana B.


Posted on February 18, 2015 .